Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MyMyMaya: One Too Many

Here we have two variations of "one too many", a mother's worst nightmare. Or as I like to call it, just another day in one of -my- stories. MyMyMaya is a new pose creator, and One Too Many is her first pose pack, available for download at M.E.S.S.

Dark haired toddler: p_mymy_toomany_1a
Blue haired toddler: p_mymy_toomany_1b
Blonde haired toddler: p_mymy_toomany_1c
Mom: a_mymy_toomany_1d

Blue haired toddler: p_mymy_toomany_2a
Dark haired toddler: p_mymy_toomany_2c
Mom: a_mymy_toomany_2d

Child: c_mymy_toomany_2b

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