Monday, October 1, 2012

Zhippidy: Anger Fight

Here we have a set of not what you're expecting fight poses, available for download at Zhippidy Poses.

Held against wall: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_01
Holding against wall: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_02

Angry pointing: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_03
Being pointed at: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_04

Push on chest: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_05
Being pushed: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_06

Throw: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_07
Being thrown: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_08

Lifting by collar: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_09
Being lifted: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_10

Lifting by neck: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_11
Being lifted: a_zhi_adult_anger_fight_12

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