Monday, October 1, 2012

Zhippidy: Anger

Here we have quite a few anger story poses by Zhippidy, available for download at Zhippidy Poses.

Man leaning against desk: a_zhi_anger_03
Man standing with arms crossed: a_zhi_anger_09
Man sitting at desk: a_zhi_anger_10

Man gripping desk or table: a_zhi_anger_01
Man swiping things from the table: a_zhi_anger_02

Man shying from being hit (light shirt): a_zhi_anger_04
Man backhanding (darker shirt): a_zhi_anger_05

Man grasping the other by the hair and pointing: a_zhi_anger_06
Man kneeling: a_zhi_anger_07
Man sitting in living chair: a_zhi_anger_08

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