Want to Help?

My name is Cecilia and I'll be running the pose directory on my own for as long as I can. If I need help with the uploading I know who I'll ask, and those will be people in the Sims community that I trust and respect. 

If you don't know me personally you can still help. Obviously I don't know every single creator out there (Only about... 99.9% of them), so if you notice I'm missing a creator, or if a new pose set has been out for a few weeks and it still isn't listed, comment bellow and I'll add it in as soon as I can. 

If tags don't fit the pose pack, the pose pack could use another existing tag, or you believe a while new tag should be included please comment either on the pose or here and I'll do my best to either fix that mistake or explain why I don't want to.

Thank you!

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